To Be or Not To Be

​​​ You need a positive state of mind if you want to reverse a disease or cure yourself. As someone said " there are no incurable diseases....there are only incurable people....who refuse to listen". And there are lots of them! It won't work if you:

  • have a deep-rooted faith in the efficacy of orthodox/modern medicine and consider every other alternative as hoax or quackery.​...and won't even give it a serious try.

  • are highly educated but have an impermeable brain. Over-intelligence, cynicism, too much information and dogma can sometimes close your mind to any out-of-the-box ideas.

  • are besotted with the razzle-dazzle of modern hospitals (some of them outshine 5-star hotels), media advertisements on health, disease and treatments....and believe the man in white coat is God. Or firmly believe that every expensive treatment/Hospital is invariably the best and that any cheap alternatives are bound to be useless. Media and advertising are very powerful in influencing our minds. They can make you believe that it's night time even when you can see it's noon....they get paid for this job!    Let me remind you that even an 80 crore rupee bill by Apollo Hospitals and it's high cost treatment couldn't save the Tamil Nadu CM, Ms. Jayalalitha. Many a times money can't buy you health....but free things like fresh air, sunshine and some inexpensive things can do miracles to restore health.

  • are young with no or little health problems....this doesn't even interest you (even though it will benefit you and the obesity-ridden youth of today).

  • Would suffer and die rather than change. May be the mental state which the disease puts you into makes you think so. Or perhaps you feel smug and happy with your condition or disease and don't mind living with it. The state of inertia is sometimes too comfortable for you to step out of your "comfort zone" and the disease becomes a friend. Or playing victim and getting lots of attention and sympathy could also be a state of bliss. Why lose that?

  • want to change to a better state but have no resolve or will  to change. May God help you!

  • have lost the desire and will to live further....have decided it's time to go. May be your near and dear ones have already departed and it's a cold and lonely world to live in now. Or simply....the problems of the world outweigh the joys. I empathize with you!

 BUT..... if you have zest for life and desire to live on and to feel genuinely young and healthy.....but perhaps a health crisis has hit you....then you definitely CAN! Changing lifestyle might be your re-birth!