-- Remove cause and cure disease


-- Take control of your own health..avoid the trap                     

-- In the above diagram Hold this broom from the right end firmly in your hands and cleanse and nourish your body with nutritious food

-- Heal yourself forever........Great state of health with longevity.

Meaningful  life

-- Exuberant living and productive life                                   

-- Spend your money on nutrition-minimal costs maximum benefit. work productively with zest or take a holiday with the money saved!  Enjoy life!

-- Independence/freedom.... also let your loved ones enjoy freedom rather than nurse you all the time

-- Live with dignity​

-- Treat symptoms/effects of disease.... but live with it

-- Be controlled by hospitals, doctors and medicines

-- Let the strands of your health be held and controlled by others and let them beat you  hard from this end.

--Let yourself be operated and poisoned with medicines,Disease Management perhaps for the rest of your life....poor health/ be crippled

-- Diminished quality of life and reduced earnings

-- Burn your hard-earned life savings on medicines, hospitals,  doctors and many unnecessary medical tests. High cost of medical treatment /financial ruin

-- Dependence/burden on others...become a nuisance for yourself and near & dear ones.

-- Live in self pity

The Broom (Jhaadu)

Whichever strand of the broom you hold i.e. whatever disease you have...just follow the trail where it came from...and it leads to absolutely the same cause....i.e. lack of nutrition/malnutrition. This results in supply of bad quality blood/less blood/ less nutrition/less oxygen to the various parts of the body  and also accumulation(non-clearance) of toxins.....which creates so many conditions when your body breaks down. Those conditions have been given so many names....the thousands of diseases!

When you rectify the causes..... almost all diseases disappear! Unbelievable?   YES IT'S THAT  SIMPLE!

Treating symptoms and not the cause of disease, as somebody said, is like knocking out the "check engine" red light in a car and making you believe that the problem is solved. Whereas the real problem was the faulty engine. Modern medicine attempts to "treat" the disease by suppressing these valuable symptoms and warnings. They keep knocking out the "check engine" light without rectifying the actual problem in the engine. It's like a bad mechanic charging you over and over again for a problem he never solves.

The bitter truth:   No one but you and your well-wishers are interested in your health. The so-called "Health Industry", the Government and the media are all interested in your disease and sickness. They profit from it! Once you are healthy you do not interest them at all. The sooner you realise this the better for you!

Note:- This has nothing to do with Aam Aadmi Party.....except that corruption too is like disease....and in the "business of disease" there is a lot of corruption...and that we have to eradicate both. Or just like the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, we need to clean the filth around and inside us.
I have used the broom here to explain things in a simple manner:

You could add hundreds of bristles or twigs or straws on the left hand side giving more names such as Headache, Migraines, Common colds, Obesity, Lupus, Gastro-Enteritis, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's disease, Stroke, Rheumatism, Hypertension, High blood pressure, Angina, Myocardial infarction, Pulmonary Disease, Liver disease, Cirrhosis, Pancreatitis, Prostatitis, Periodontal disease and many more impressive names that medical terminology has invented in the last century....and can intimidate you with. Thousands of medicines have been invented by the drugs and pharmaceutical industry to treat you.....but rarely cure you. And costly and sophisticated diagnostic machinery has been admirably invented to diagnose you....but also flabbergast you and make huge money out of you.


The "Modern Medicine" doctor will hold a strand of this broom from the left (wrong) end and may say "look I have found your problem"  ....yes the "problem" he may  but the "cure" he almost never will!

But if you firmly hold it from the right (right) end which the doctor never will...then you can hold all the strands of the broom together and can sweep all your health problems away in one swish. So take control!

Doctors/Hospitals control you                                                                                    Take Control