My Story

The idea of this page is that some of you may have a story like mine and can relate to it.....I'll just be too glad if I can save someone from disease, misery or early death. It just gives me joy. Please feel free to call me and discuss.

About Me

I,  Satish Sharma was born in 1954....did my Masters in Economics in 1979
Taught economics in Haryana Agricultural University, Hissar from March, 1982
Joined the Indian Economic Service in Dec, 1982
Joined the Indian Audit & Accounts Service in 1983.....served as a bureaucrat with the Govt. of India till 1992
 Then left it all for the love of music to form the Blue Dolphin Band (with my wife Arlene) which has done over 3,000  music performances in the last 24 years or so till date.
But now, apart from love for music, nature and life,  I have a mission in life i.e. to bring awareness and relief to people from this monster-mafia...Big Pharma....which kills more innocent people than wars, accidents or terrorism in the world ever do. Only empowerment through knowledge and education can save us from this hydra which has spread its tentacles all over the world with its roots in the West especially USA. Yes, I call it Hydra....a multi-faced serpent or monster....extremely evil which has taken away my precious mom, dad and brother. You too might have lost your near and dear ones or may be suffering from it. This suffering is completely unnecessary. This is not just an emotional is backed with knowledge and if you can bust up your ignorance with the power of this knowledge and join this global war on medical terrorism, this world can truly rid itself of suffering and disease and become a Utopia in the realm of health and longevity. As you see the various links I give you in this website, you will discover that an avalanche of knowledge is revolutionising our modern world which has so far been steeped in medieval and evil medicine(in the name of Modern Medicine).

 This website is dedicated to:

To my dearest  mother who lost her life to ovarian cancer and to whom treatment brought 21 months of sheer misery...we finally lost her to cancer and it's horrible treatment in 2003.

To my very dear and only brother who lost his life in July 2015 to stage-4 lung cancer metastasised to the brain and to its monstrous treatment.

To my dearest dad who died of heart attack at the early age of 53 in 1982 despite being highly educated (medical knowledge was highly distorted even then) and five uncles who had bypass heart surgeries but had semi-crippled existence before they finally died.

to a dear cousinwho succumbed to chemotherapy and a newly introduced medicine called Herceptin. At that time one single vial cost over a lakh rupees. God knows what the manufacturer put in it to make it cost so much? may be gold or diamonds!
To another dear cousin diagnosed with juvenile diabetes who lived a hellish life for 4 decades thereafter.

to myself.... I was diagnosed and treated for cancer in 2005 (had to undergo operation, chemo, and radio).  Fortunately, I changed my lifestyle habits thereafter and have been empowering myself, my friends and acquaintances with relevant knowledge since then....and have been cancer-free till date. I am thankfully miles away from medicine.... and subscribe to the view of Hippocrates..."let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". Being a user of  the internet for health information for the past 10 years, today, I am blessed with relevant knowledge and am firmly of the view that one has to take control of one's own health. God willing, I plan to live a healthy, meaningful and happy life......enlightening as many suffering souls as I can.

The millions of people who suffer disease and  approach doctors and modern medicine with faith, veneration  and trust.....but in return are exploited and abused to the hilt by Big Pharma and its medical system with the objective of humungous Profits..... in total apathy to the physical, mental and monetary trauma and suffering inflicted on them.  To people who don't know where to go when modern medicine fails them and has no answer to their disease..... after stripping them naked  of their health, dignity and money. 

Also to
the millions of people who have finally lost their lives and lifetime  savings in hospitals and treatment  in the hope that they will be cured someday or live a better life. Death from disease and it's unending treatment was their only salvation.

Millions of kith and kin of the above who also went through physical, mental and financial trauma and helplessly saw their near and dear ones slip out of their hands to disease, treatment and death.

My Story

My mother was detected with stage-3 ovarian cancer in Dec' 2001 at age 71 but lost her battle for life in Aug' 2003 in less than 2 years. This type of cancer, many a times, may go undetected until it’s too late because there may be no discomfort to the patient for long, even after the disease may have silently set in the body. Doctors  advise a regular CA-125 test for early detection.

We took her to Batra Hospital, Delhi  first, where upon diagnosis she was administered her first chemo. During those few hours of chemo administering, she felt extreme discomfort and palpitation in the heart. My brother and I ran frantically looking for doctors and nurses on duty but found none for 45 crucial minutes. We stopped the chemo ourselves and were in consultation on phone with our regular neighborhood physician who directed us to give her a calmpose/ diazepam injection which we ourselves managed to do. She was better after that. Meanwhile when the nurse and doctor arrived, instead of apologizing for their total absence and for the unstable heart condition they had triggered for her, they bullied us  to put her in the Intensive Cardiac Care Unit where she was shifted for 2-3 days. There they contemplated angioplasty/ bypass surgery on her. The main cancer treatment was postponed sine die. Disgusted, we decided to pull her out (against medical advice and heavy protestations of the doctors) and shifted her to Indian Rotary Cancer Hospital (behind AIIMS). Her heart condition normalized almost immediately. One doctor of Batra Hospital quietly confided  that Lalaji (the owner of the hospital) pressurizes the doctors to keep his "5 star hospital rooms" in full occupancy and they have to oblige him.

The doctors in IRCH remained totally silent about the post treatment life-expectancy and prognosis despite our asking them repeatedly ....and despite their knowledge and experience of dealing with hundreds of such cases. Only much later did one doctor confess that after the treatment she had a maximum of 1 or 2 years to live. We realised that the whole treatment, at her age and stage, just gave her more misery than life. Of course it made the pharmaceutical/medicine industry richer by a few lakh rupees. They put her thru great misery with an elaborate 8 hour surgery, medication, chemotherapy etc. At that time I rummaged the internet for information on cure but, unfortunately, mostly along conventional lines which just gave despair and little hope. We lost her in Aug' 2003.

 Prior to this experience, like most people, my brother, sister and I had faith in conventional medicine and doctors....and trusted the treatment. But now in retrospect, I know, the  treatment protocols are designed under  guidance and control of the greedy Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industry in total disregard to the misery it inflicts on patients and the fact that their slash-burn-poison (surgery,radio,chemo) treatment is a miserably failed treatment....less than 3% people survive beyond  5 years after detection and  treatment. Fear and ignorance are the keys! People go ahead with this treatment because cancer is a dreaded word and they are kept ignorant about the prognosis. Big pharma thrives on this. After all billions of dollars of profit of Big Pharma is involved. Today, these companies themselves are a cancer to the world thwarting genuine advances in cure and treatment. It's a worldwide act of criminality they indulge in with the complicity and sanction of governments which get elected with their support.  Medical science has been hijacked to suit their narrow interests of profits and more profits at the cost of everything else.

 Visiting hospitals frequently between 2001 to 2005 during my mother's and my own cancer gave me an insight to the malpractices many private hospitals indulge in. Interaction with many other patients and their attendants made me aware of horrors they had faced....including keeping dead bodies on ventilators for 1-2 days and charging the relatives huge amounts for patient revival efforts by  reputed hospitals. The malpractice has been so prevalent  that it was shown in an Akshay Kumar film "Gabbar is Back" recently and confirmed the hearsay I had heard 11-14 years ago. More on this in the "The devil's Workshop"

 My Own Experience

 We had barely recovered from the shock and trauma of my mom when in April, 2005, at the age of 50, I was discovered with stage II breast cancer (though rare in men).

I was operated upon, underwent Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.....slash, poison and burn. Meanwhile, my quest for reasons of disease and solutions as an affected and lay person carried on. I chanced upon many websites and books which, I believe, have made me wiser and to a great extent made me my own doctor and health guide. I have been scouring the net for the past 10 years. And of course, my daughter and wife too have become more aware and health conscious.

During the treatment of my cancer in 2005, I was having wheat grass which my wife lovingly grew for me in pots at home as she had done for my mother during her illness. She also arranged import of Aloe Vera. My blood count went up and my operation, chemo and radio were relatively smooth. I also started having raw foods. Caution has to be exercised during chemo when your immune system is compromised—raw foods can be a source of infection if not washed or disinfected properly. It’s safer to start them after the chemo cycles are over and one has recovered one's immunity.

 I come from a family where all my uncles (there were 6 of them from my father's side) and father died of heart attack or heart disease. I never had a robust body constitution— Angina pain in my left arm upon exertion began around age 48; I had been prone to asthma (gifted from my Maternal side) since 1992; had digestive problems. Of course everyone has one’s share of inheritance. You may be more prone than others to certain diseases. But it doesn’t mean you can’t escape them. Now let me tell you what happened to me since I started having raw foods in 2005:

  •  My stamina has become like that of a 35 year old (I am 62 now). I can walk briskly for over an hour, run up the hill or 4-5 stories of a building without puffing and panting or angina never before.....and most of all without any muscular/joint pains lingering on the next day like it used to be earlier.
  • My wheezing and asthma are things of the past. Though very occasionally they do show up when I binge or go overboard with delicious pizzas, pasta, paranthas, or other yummy cooked food or indulge in booze continuously for 2-3 days or am unable to keep up my raw foods routine (which happens now very rarely)—after all I am human and sometimes do lose control. You can’t make your life bland and boring.
  • Frequent bouts of cold, cough, copious expectoration and phlegm are gone. Ear infection and itching in the ear are rare now.
  • Sinus problem is gone. Earlier at least one nostril used to be blocked and breathing was a problem. Now both nostrils remain clear.
  • For years my gums used to be swollen and yellowish red with pus oozing out (bad inheritance from my mother's side)—started brushing after every meal. They had receded badly over the years. Two of my teeth were shaky as there was bone loss and I had had a few root canals. Now the gums are not swollen any more—they are taut and healthy pink.....and not spongy and yellowish red as they used to be. Of course receded gums never re-grow. 
  • No more bad breath even if I brush just once a day. 
  • My tongue is a healthy pink---it used to be off-white.
  • Though I’ve had myopia since age 11 or so, I felt my vision was deteriorating over the years and yes the numbers did increase. At age 45 I bought myself reading glasses as I couldn’t see from close anymore. At age 51-52 when I was already into living foods, I discovered I could read again from close distance just as I could before. The process of ageing reversed in my eyes.
  • I was prone to constipation for years. Not anymore now. 
  • My lips used to be swollen most of the times and cracked sometimes. They have now become supple, smooth and thin. After all they are the upper end of the alimentary canal and the index/mirror of what shape your digestive system and alimentary canal are in. Similarly, piles, fissures and fistulas on the lower end of the alimentary canal are also a reflection of the health of your digestive tract. 26 years ago I did develop piles for a short while when I was in a hostel in LBSNAA, Mussoorie for a 3 months course having breads, eggs, biscuits, cakes and hostel food.
  • My hair on my head, face, and chest was graying. Raw foods changed a lot of my gray hair to black. 
  • My kids’ friends told them that their dad (i.e. me) doesn’t look his age. I took this as a compliment and thank the living foods for this.
  • Skin is behaving much better.... no rashes or eczema.
  • There used to be a general feeling of headache, misery, pessimism and heaviness of the mind. All that has gone and so has the mind-fog. Now there is clarity of thought, optimism, and sense of well-being. Had I discussed this with a regular doctor earlier, he would have dismissed this as a psychological problem.
  • Quality of sleep has improved tremendously. I don’t feel the lack of energy any more or the desperate need for siesta after lunch.

My Brother

The recent shock came to me when I lost my dear and only brother at age 58 who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.....lung primary.....brain secondary and succumbed to it within 6 months of detection. This provoked me to  start this website and a Facebook Page.
Most probably, it's in the genes since he was the third member of our family....but he had been a moderate to heavy smoker for the past 30 years or so. He listened to me partially regarding lifestyle change and followed to a certain extent. I desperately tried to....but failed  to change his mind set. His strong faith in doctors and modern medicine also made us put our mom through rigorous and cruel cancer treatment at age 71 with stage 4 cancer. Despite witnessing the fate of our own dear mom he (though extremely well-intentioned) did not listen to me. Unfortunately, like most people, he had deep rooted and dogmatic faith in conventional treatment He and his family chose to remain ignorant....closed all doors of communication and education and were not open to simple and natural out-of-the-box ideas which are successfully being practised in various parts of the world these days. Unfortunately, despite fervent persuasion by me, he and his family accepted the "death sentence" from the day of the diagnosis. Radiation and medication gave him 6 months of pure misery and pain and perhaps killed him before the disease could. Partially I don't blame him and his family. The "C" word is freezes you into submission to Big Pharma and to its willing slaves  i.e. hospitals and doctors......such is the scare that Big Pharma  projects and perpetuates. Modern medicine is responsible for misusing to the hilt this faith and trust people still repose in it. This has been their game for almost a hundred years now