Genesis of Disease

It seems that humans, by and large, like most animals living in a natural and healthy habitat, were disease-free thousands of years ago. Human remains have suggested this.

Dr. Alexander Leaf discovered some of the oldest people living in remote regions of the world hardly touched by modern civilisation, and documented them in the January 1973 edition of National Geographic Magazine. He found that Abkhazians of Russia, the Vilacabambans of Ecuador and Hunzakuts of Pakistan were disease-free, healthy and lived for over 100 years on an average. None of them suffered any lifestyle diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity etc. They had a diet which had 70-80 % high-water-content foods such as raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables. Now, they are not aware that they are doing the right thing....just as most of us are not aware that we are doing the wrong thing. It comes naturally as their traditions and habits have been passed down by generations to them....just as ours to us. To us, the fast modernizing world is additionally ushering in more rapid changes in our lifestyle which is bringing baggage with it...more diseases.

 Firstly the discovery of fire by humans, maybe a few hundred thousand years ago, whereby we started cooking food....then the transition from hunter/forest gatherer to an agrarian lifestyle and dairy farming some 12,000 years ago....these two significant changes brought a marked change in our food habits with which coincided the advent of disease. No animal could achieve this....but it seems human intelligence worked against him in the sense that, for taste, he started using fire to destroy food partially before he ate it ...and then he made food choices restricting variety and nutrition, which were not suitable to the human body the way nature had designed it. So, humans had invented and invited disease already in the last few thousand years as evidenced in the human remains found of a later period. Just as human intelligence is irretrievably destroying our habitat (Earth), it is destroying human health.

The human body is a machine like a car in certain ways.  Try putting diesel in a petrol car or petrol in a diesel car! Or in place of the right  fuel and oil, fill sugar syrup or gutter water into the fuel tank.....will the car run properly? No!  It'll come to a standstill very soon and we will have to take the car to the car doctor at the service station to service/repair it before it can become roadworthy again. Similarities to a car end here.

The human body is much more than a man-made machine. It is much stronger and flexible than the car or doesn't pack up so has a mind of its learns to adapt. It takes your nonsense for years...i.e. the wrong fuels repeatedly put into your mouth many times a day for years. You ignore it when it protests. Then in mid-life or earlier it comes to breakdown stage. Then we run to the human body mechanic (doctor) and workshop(hospital). May be some medicines, operation or spare part (organ) replacement will put you back on your feet ....but it's quite unlikely that you will be in the same good shape as you were before the problem arose.

Secondly, compared to a man-made machine, a human body is a marvellous self-servicing and self-repairing machine....if you allow it to be! We don't need to know the functioning of the carburettor or engine or radiator or alternator (the heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys etc.) to run it well. Modern medicine will go into hair splitting details about these (unnecessary many a time)....and we know their business runs well that way. We just need to put the right fuel into our fuel tanks as owners of this machine. Some complex problems just require simple solutions.  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" spake the father of medicine, Hippocrates. There is so much meaning and truth in this statement. The self-healing code is already embedded in each cell of our body....we just need to activate it. It has become dormant or inactive because we have overloaded and clogged the body-machinery over the years with toxins and waste through wrong fuels.

You just have to fill the right fuels and let the body do the rest. Fill it right and live a life worry-free and sans disease....."fill it (right)and forget it" as one TV commercial once said.

Why should we allow our bodies to crumble at age 40, 50 , 60 or even 90? Shouldn't we just take control of our own health?

 What went wrong? The human body was not designed by human beings and so wasn't it's food. Nature, God or some Supreme power designed the human body and it's food. Nature created creatures and their appropriate food on Earth. We have deviated too far from that. Disease is the punishment we are getting for this deviation. Milk is one example....human beings take cow/buffalo milk weaning it away from the calf....wheat cultivation is another. Moreover, we cook and process the original food into something that our palettes love but our bodies find very difficult to recognise, digest and assimilate. Diseases occur because of nutritional deficiencies in the body. We clog our bodies in a manner that those deficiencies cannot be replete even if we eat food that has those nutrients. We overload our bodies in a manner that our immune system goes to can't recognise the enemy when it invades...and fails to react and fight it. In such a case your body has to be rebooted. Most doctors are ignorant and don't recognise this....they fall prey to the same diseases that most people do. They would say that the body has the capability to absorb what it needs from food given to it...and throw out what it doesn't. But it doesn't work this way. Our DNA is unable to alter the mechanisms of the body despite mutations over generations in a way that our bodies re-adjust to whatever tasty foods humans invent....i.e. the body is still able to absorb whatever it needs and dispose of whatever it doesn't. In effect our body does not agree with the food "we make" for it.  It just gets accumulated in the body over the years as toxins which the body cannot metabolise....and wastes it cannot throw out.

It seems God erred in making humans. He created the human mind to be innovative in altering and modifying food to the extremes to suit the palette....but forgot to give the human body the adaptability to accept and healthily assimilate the altered food. This was a mismatch between the intransigent bitch called "body" and our "darling tongue".....and you can blame it on God!

Or was God expecting us to use our higher levels of knowledge discreetly and judiciously?

 The deduction here is that by cooking, altering or processing we can never better our food nutritionally. We can enhance taste....but never enhance the intrinsic nutrition....which will only worsen with tinkering with original nature-made food. Want a proof? Only humans and their pets (fed altered foods as humans) have an overworked pancreas 1.5 to 2 times the size (in body weight) compared to other healthy animals living in their natural habitat with abundance of natural food in its natural state. And humans and their pets are the only ones who fall prey to lifestyle diseases. Also eating cooked/processed foods causes our leucocytes (white blood cells) to multiply....a mechanism to fight infection, meaning our body recognises this food as an invasion which must be fought back. The body, being a great fighter, fights this invasion for decades until it succumbs to years of mysterious discomforts, disease and finally premature death.

We have to refer to the "manufacturer"....i.e. Nature or Almighty.  Just like a petrol vehicle won't run on diesel or kerosene, we can't decide our food without serious repercussions. We just have to allow nature to decide that. The user manual that our creator gave was embedded in our DNA and manifests in our basic instincts.....we have buried that many millennia ago under our habits and lifestyle changes. Are we the most intelligent creatures on earth?... or in a way the dumbest of all?

Elephants in Africa travel to Mt. Elgon for minerals and salts that they need to be healthy
dogs eat grass when their digestive system goes haywire
 squirrels bury nuts before let them sprout and become more nutritious

But humans are at a loss to know the right option and when problem occurs they go to the doctor who will prescribe something to suppress the symptoms.

More Recent Reasons of Disease

In the recent 100 years or so there has been a pandemic of diseases. Reasons:

  • the spread of modern western methods of commercialisation of agriculture and poultry i.e. massive use of GMOs, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, weedicides such as Glyphosate/Roundup, hormones into our foods
  • erosion and leaching of top soil....lacking nutrients after overuse for centuries
  • mass production and processing of foods
  • Industrialisation and transport
  • contamination/poisoning of air, water and soil ; Chemtrails/Geoengineering
  • indiscriminate and mass vaccinations
  • microwave and mobile phone usage
  • massive use of plastic packaging material in foods and in our life....Bisphenol A....a carcinogen mimicking Estrogen
  • In the last one or two decades one can see that as the upper middle-class India expands, almost every day is a celebration in those families as far as feasting/drinking goes....and so does their mid-section expand. This wasn't so a few decades back. This feasting too takes its toll.

Some of these major reasons (so far) are within our individual control....some are not! Some years later if we continue to allow global poisoning by humans (some of them enlisted above)  to reach a critical/tipping'll be out of our individual control too.