Doctor Is Not God

Optional Reading

  • "Not the doctor, but nature heals"    -Hippocrates
  • "The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease"     - Thomas A. Edison
  • "A conventional doctor talks of disease, a nature doctor talks of health"   -Mahatma Gandhi
  • Disease increases in the proportion of increase in doctors in a place   -Mahatma Gandhi
  • Doctors will have more lives to answer for in the next world than even we generals."    -Napoleon Bonaparte
  • "Doctors have throughout time made fortunes on killing their patients with their cures."  - Dr. R.D. Laing, M.D.
  • The best doctor gives the least medicine    --Benjamin Fanklin
  • Never ask a surgeon whether you need an operation   -Gerhard Kocher
  • "Modern medicine is not a science and modern clinicians and medical researchers are not scientists. Modern clinicians may use scientific techniques but in the way that they treat their patients they are still quacks....Medicine is no longer an independent profession. Doctors have become nothing more than a link connecting the pharmaceutical industry to the consumer"  --Dr. Vernon Coleman
  • Why doctors are more dangerous than guns- Mike Adams 
  •    Elaine Hollingsworth, better known at that time under her professional name of Sara Shane, a Hollywood actress,  is director of Hippocrates Health Centre on Queensland's Gold Coast.

‘Doctors have shorter lifespan than patients’
An observation by the Indian Medical Association’s (IMA) Pune chapter says that an Indian doctor’s average lifespan is 55-59 years, almost 10 years lesser than that of the general population.
The men and women who help us stay fit and live longer are themselves succumbing to stress, sedentary lifestyles and dying of cardiac arrests.
An observation by the Indian Medical Association’s (IMA) Pune chapter says that an Indian doctor’s average lifespan is 55-59 years, almost 10 years lesser than that of the general population. 
It was based on the analysis of the association’s social security scheme (SSS) with 5,500 doctors from Maharashtra and over 11,000 from across the country registered.
IMA Pune chapter’s president Dr Dilip Sarda told DNA that their data of the last five years indicated that doctors’ lifespan was pointing to an alarming trend. “An average Indian lives up to 69-72 years   whereas a doctor lives only up to 55 to 59 years which is shocking. It was noticed that most early deaths were due to cardiac arrest,” he said.
According to Dr Sarda, every year, 12 to 15 doctors in Maharashtra and around 30 doctors across the country lose their lives in this age-group. Stress, sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise were the causes of early death, he said.
“They are becoming obese, stressed, hypertensive, diabetic or are undergoing angioplasty which reduces their chances of living longer and staying fit,” he said.
Dr Sarda said the doctors themselves were responsible for their poor lifestyle, lack of exercise, stressful careers and an improper diet regime.
This was taking a toll of their health which has affected life 
expectancy to a great extent, the doctor said.

Here I go....unfriending a lot of people.

Some of my doctor acquaintances and friends are going to hate and kill me for this. However, it's not meant to be an affront to doctors....many of them are really nice people and I respect them for being nice human beings too.

BUT, in health matters, the doctor is not necessarily wiser than you. It's dangerous to hold doctors in very high esteem. They are just human beings like us.....but suffer handicaps like:

  • They are products of Allopathy/ modern medicine which gives nutritional education a deliberate miss. As someone said "even their wives know more about nutrition". They are educated, trained, brainwashed, monitored, and controlled by Big pharma and its creation, the Modern Medical Education and Research (see Devil's workshop). The focus of their education and training is pharmacy and surgery (years of education and training)....not nutrition ( just a few hours). But, health education without knowledge of nutrition is quite meaningless. Human body and health is all about nutrition....not pills and surgery.
  • The doctor is hired by the owner of a hospital who is a pure mercenary and pushes him for profits at all costs....and doesn't care for human misery. It's a world of desperation, defeat and fear that this medical industry needs and that you give your life and all your money in their hands. Remember these pharmaceutical companies and big hospitals are listed in stock exchanges and are answerable to share holders who demand it would be a folly to expect philanthropy from them. Ruthless profits "at any cost" guide them.... like they do in most businesses....and a lot of dubious methods are used to achieve this objective. The doctor is but a cog in this machinery. He is part of the apparatus of Big Pharma and the hospitals that run under it and a cog can't go against the machinery even if it wishes to. He is ostracised, penalised, made jobless, hounded and destroyed if he does.​
  • Even the private hospitals, practitioners and diagnostic laboratories maximize their profits. The lure of the lucre is always there. Big pharma keeps enticing them with cushy jobs, bribes, commissions, foreign trips, cruises for prescribing their products....most of which are harmful for humanity (as discussed elsewhere). A heart surgeon and his hospital make huge money from each surgery. These surgeries are done very often even when not required.  Chemotherapy and cancer surgery are other areas of rampant abuse. Today we can see a lot of private hospitals, super speciality hospitals with all the five star glitter and glamour and many doctors basking in the sunshine, prosperity and glory of modern medicine's unabashed loot.....and humanity suffering in misery, disease and its gory. So even if doctors and hospital owners know what evil they are doing to patients....many of them don't have any moral objections or tinge of conscience. After all the mullah is raking's bringing them unimagined prosperity. A cardio surgeon gets........for each bypass surgery while the hospital makes..... Those doctors who question the dubious treatments are renegades and become outcasts.
  • Doctors are employed for tutored research to promote products; create artificial epidemic scares; troll writings, condemning and vilifying Alternative Medicine, its practitioners and treatments.​ As mentioned in another page, in the 1930s cigarette smoking was endorsed by two doctors as good for health.  Throwing ethics to the wind for money, these two doctors stooped low to criticise a genuine cure for cancer in the 1950s. Later, one died of lung cancer...the other of a fire caused by his cigarette....justice at last.  ​

I'll mention a doctor couple in my neighbourhood who ran a medical diagnostic laboratory and from where we used to get some of our tests done. They were more than acquaintances...bordering on being friends. One day I took my son for an anti-tetanus inoculation. The husband (male doctor), fairly young in his 40s, started chatting with me and told me how he had abused his body with drugs and medicines for years while he was a medical student and even later.... and how it had adversely affected his digestive system and whole body constitution. He said his villi (finger-like projections) in his intestines had flattened permanently because of self-medication and that he may not live long. But I countered him by telling him that he looked fit and fine. To my shock within 2-3 months I heard that he died of a "prolonged illness".

In the "Let the Sun Smile on You" chapter I have already mentioned a close uncle of mine whom I looked after in his last days and who had done medicine from Germany and how his staunch belief in the divinity of modern medicine was his undoing.

I have heard and seen enough of drugs and self-medication abuse by medical students and interns.

35-50 years ago, I have known such good allopathic physicians who would put you at ease, take pains to diagnose your problem and cure you giving dietary and holistic advice too while giving you the normal medicines. 

“Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick.” This is part of the Hippocratic Oath that every physician across the world takes– a solemn vow to help and treat the ill. Few of us realize that this Hippocratic Oath has its roots in ancient Greek and is named after Hippocrates, who it is believed, wrote these original guidelines for doctors.  “Know your patient better than his disease,” wrote Hippocrates.

Today lots of doctors are about networking, commissions, costly diagnostics and tests....most of them unnecessary.

Unfortunately the doctors have committed/ been made to commit harakiri in the 20th and early 21st
century. Automation, robotisation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will replace the doctor in the coming years. He is losing faith of humans (as patients) and is getting too costly for the Big Pharma to come between them and their patients. He is losing the respect of the people and soon he will have little use for Big Pharma whose creation he is. He is being reduced to being a wheeler-dealer of big pharma products....and so he will be dispensable in the coming years. He is not a healer anymore.

Hospitals and Doctors need sick people....healthy and health-conscious people don't need doctors.  If you doctor the doctrine of doctoring yourself, then you don't need a Doctor (except in emergencies or for corrective surgery) you can rid yourself of most diseases and stay away from them.