"LiveYoung- disease free" is especially for those who have been afflicted with lifestyle diseases such as Cancer, Heart disease, High blood pressure, Stroke, Diabetes, Asthma, Gastro-enteritis, Colitis, Arthritis, Osteoporosis and have found no answers to their miserable condition or sub-optimal existence in the present medical system.

...or even for those who wish to know why most of us are headed for middle-age health disaster or simply unhealthy sub-existence....and want to change course.

The good news is that all these diseases are reversible. Surprisingly, some of the most complicated problems have the most easy solutions.

No, there are no pills for your ills...no false promises...no quackery,  Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani or Chinese Medicine....just the mother of all sciences....pure Nature....in a very commonsensical way....because only nature cures!

You will be enlightened on how to reverse all these dreaded diseases rapidly in an easy way with easy-to-follow lifestyle changes fine-tuned to your circumstances and needs. The serious minded could change their lives for a healthier tomorrow making them feel 20 years younger or more (biologically too) than their actual age and attain healthy longevity.

You should just have the Will...we'll show you the Way! Learn secrets from a cancer survivor---on how to live young and in full bloom!

Note:  Please don't skim through hurriedly as you do a newspaper....but slowly chew, digest and assimilate what I tell you in the next few pages. You will not only add years to your life, but more importantly life to your years....as the saying goes. There will be repeats too...and a certain tenor to the whole argument. The idea is that you learn, ruminate, enlighten and develop a healthy mindset which will go a long way to self-healing.

LiveYoung Music & Health Club Session in C2 Vasant Kunj on 24th Feb'19....music and health talk session for LiveYoung members


Health Talk for SCWA Vasant Kunj 13th April 2017

In a world where medicine is highly commercialized as any other field/industry, doctors are overworked and busy people and educated in a certain way and often may not be able to leave you satisfied or put you on the right track to good health. This is where we fit in. Free and meaningful discussions and dissemination of relevant knowledge are the hallmarks of "LiveYoung-disease free". The author has  gleaned thru information relevant to healing your body for over a decade and is ever willing to share it with you for disease prevention and reversal. 

Health Talk for Health Club of SCWA, B11, Vasant Kunj on 9th May, 2019